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What is the "Times Two" Policy?

As a Soccer Association for Youth (SAY) affiliate, we adhere to their "Times Two" policy which requires no less than two adults (unrelated) per team be present at all team functions such as games, practices, picnics, parties, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Under no circumstances should the activity take place if only one adult is present. This also means that no less than two adults must remain until the last player has been picked up by their parent. The two adults do not have to be coaches - they can be a combination of coaches and parents.

SAY has also recommended that volunteers not provide transportation for non-family members. This was more of an insurance issue, but now also has implications in regard to the intent of the "Times Two" policy. While the focus of this policy is the child's safety, it also provides protection to our volunteers in case of misunderstandings.

NOTE TO PARENTS - It is the expectation that a parent remain at practice with their child. For liability purposes, players are not to be "dropped off" at practice/games without the permission of the team head coach.